David D. Hayes

Our spiritual leader and a God fearing man . We are truly blessed to have Pastor Hayes as our leader !! Pastor Hayes's love for the gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ is so strong he inspires all who hear him preach !!  Pastor Hayes and a blessed army of parishioners built The Lord's Vineyard from earth to heaven with their own hands !!

Pastor's wife / Ladies Ministry/Sunday School Teacher

Christa Hayes

Behind every great pastor is a great pastors wife !! Sister Christa Hayes is a truly blessed Godfearing lady  to all who know her , she doesn't know any strangers !! Sister Hayes is also one our finest Sunday School Teachers here at The Lord's Vineyard !!  Her spirit-filled personality will boost your own over the top . She is compassionate and caring and always has the time to talk  about Jesus !!!   Cool beans Sister Hayes !!

Worship Leader / Assisting Ministries/Sunday School Teacher

D. Shane Hayes

Brother Shane Hayes is one of our gifted youth leaders and a true inspiration to all who hear him teach !! Brother Hayes will always has the time to teach and preach and he always leaves you wanting to hear more !! His gifts and blessings are many from God and he truly inspires us . Brother Hayes is a spiritual leader to all and a blessing to us all at The Lord's Vineyard !! Brother Hayes is also another one of our finest Sunday School Teachers .

Assisting Ministries

John Edwards

Brother Edwards is a truly inspiring man of God ! Like our own Pastor Hayes , Brother Edwards and he have been friends in Christ forever , or so it seems . When Brother Edwards and Pastor Hayes and also Brother Daigle get together you can watch out , The Holy Spirit  fills the air and saturates every fiber of our souls and one cannot help but be blessed !!  Brother Edwards is a compassionate and caring member of The Lord's Vineyard , you don't have to hear him preach and teach to feel the Spirit in him , you just have to meet him !! He is one of the three musketeers in The Lord's Vineyard , Pastor Hayes and Brother Daigle round out the rest !! God Bless us all !!

Music Director/Sunday School Teacher

Kresant Kelly

Besides being a fantastic music director Sister Kresant has a voice that makes the angels take notice !!  She has a vibrant personality and always gives 200% in whatever she does !! Sister Kresant is also one of The Lord's Vineyard's finest Sunday School Teachers !

Head Usher, Youth Leader

Michael Hudson

The Lord's Vineyards finest audio-visual guru !! Truly a blessing for our church !! Brother Hudson and his wife Hannah have a heart for the young and are the Youth Leaders at The Lord's Vineyard.


Richard Bedard

As one of the newest members of The Lord's Vineyard I feel astonished and amazed every time the Lord touches me ! I have been baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ here at TLV and the Lord is remaking me everyday ! Praise God !!!

Sunday School Teacher

Raylene Tyner

Sister Raylene is another of The Lord's Vineyard's finest Sunday School Teachers . She is a very creative lady and a blessed lady of God !!

Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader

Hannah Hudson

Sister Hannah is another one of The Lord's Vineyards finest Sunday School Teachers .Sister Hannah is a truly inspiring lady of God ! Her classes are always enlightening for her students , they are always happy and joyous when they return from Sunday school ! She also is a youth leader with her husband Michael... Hannah has such a sweet spirit and ministers to the young girls in the Lord's Vineyard. 

  September 2018  
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